As Canadian employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of catering to the diverse needs and preferences of their employees, many are considering the merits of voluntary and flexible benefits offerings. Lifestyle spending accounts, which include non-traditional benefits that wouldn’t necessarily fit under the umbrella of health or finance, are an example of the trend.

Last week, Benefits Canada reported that digital benefits platform League has added discounts on gourmet pet food to its lifestyle spending account. The company working with League on the offering noted that for many people, dogs and cats are their children, so it only made sense to bring health and wellness to such less traditional dependants.

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This week’s online poll asks whether that type of lifestyle discount is a good use of benefits resources? Share your view: Should employers accommodate employers’ diverse needs and preferences, including those of pet owners, or are there more pressing needs that benefits plans should prioritize.

Have your say: Are discounts on pet food a good use of benefits resources?

Last week’s poll asked how important work-life balance tools such as flexible work options, more time off and wellness programs are to organizations in comparison to traditional benefits like health and dental coverage. The result was an even split between those who rank them as somewhat or very important at 43.5 per cent each. The remaining 13 per cent of respondents said work-life balance tools aren’t important at all.




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