Sun Life has launched a national health-care provider ratings network for chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists and other paramedical providers.

Under the new ratings network, every time a group benefits plan member submits a paramedical claim, they’re asked to rate the service provided on a scale of one to five. Since the network was rolled out on Nov. 20, it has received 25,000 ratings each week. Other plan members can review the ratings before selecting a health-care provider.

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“We see this as a significant opportunity to empower Canadians to manage their health and wellness,” Chris Denys, senior vice-president of possibilities and digital health solutions at Sun Life, said in a release. The system is similar, he said, to the travel website TripAdvisor, and helps members “make more informed health-care choices.”

The ratings network can be accessed through Sun Life’s app, and is available in both English and French. Currently, 100,000 health-care providers are included in the network.

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