Communicating and managing risk for a smoother ride to retirement.

Years ago, no one wondered if they would have enough money for retirement. Interest rates were high, the market was climbing and everyone had a decent nest egg. It’s a different story today. The economy is still shaky, rates are low and markets continue to move up and down. That doesn’t mean Canadians will fall short when they retire—many just need some help reaching their financial goals.

Plan sponsors and employers are now expected to take a more active role in retirement planning. They need to communicate better and more frequently, offer easier-to-understand products, manage risk more carefully and provide post-retirement services to former members.  

The Retirement Trends report takes a close look at what the defined contribution community is doing to address the changing needs of Canadian employees. It looks at the new ways members want to receive messages—via video for example—and how target-date funds are playing a more important role in the investing process. It also talks about innovations in the education process and explains why post-retirement planning is the next big thing.

While the sector may be evolving, the end goal for everyone remains the same: to get people saving early and investing for the long-term.