From rheumatoid arthritis and cancer to diabetes and HIV/AIDS, biologics have revolutionized the treatment of many diseases that currently have no cure. But as biologic patents expire, a new wave of biologic therapies is emerging — the biosimilars.



A biosimilar, or Subsequent Entry Biologic (SEB), is a copy of a biologic medicine that is similar, but not identical, to the original medicine. The development of biosimilars are a new therapeutic option available for people with serious illnesses, and more are expected to become approved in Canada over the coming years. As the field of biosimilars evolves, private drug plan managers must take great care to fully understand these complex products so that all principal considerations are assessed as reimbursement decisions are prepared.

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Download Biologics and biosimilars: A new complexity in the world of medicines, and find out how biologic, biosimilar and specialty drugs compare, how they are approved and what their use could mean to private drug plans.