Equitable Life of Canada has implemented a new online claims system that it says will streamline disability claims case management.

The new system enables all claims-related documents to be uploaded directly to the plan member’s file. Equitable Life says this will make it easier for plan members and administrators to submit disability documentation, and for Equitable Life’s disability specialists to access claims-related information.

“Part of the complicated nature of disability claims management is that after we receive the initial application for disability benefits, we subsequently receive additional medical and workplace related documents from different healthcare providers, the employers and the plan members themselves,” explained James Kaylor, communications specialist, group marketing, with Equitable Life of Canada.

Kaylor says the new technology will allow them to  ‘attach’ these multiple pieces of information in a secure, internal environment.

“Files can be updated immediately and decisions that require additional information can be acted upon right away,” said Norma Crouse, assistant vice-president of group claims with Equitable Life of Canada. “Facilitating treatment, assessments and communicating what the next steps are can be done even more efficiently and faster.”

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