Ensuring employees with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have access to medical care as well as other services—such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and drug coverage—is very important in helping them to be productive and active in the workplace.

Dr. Diane Lacaille, an associate professor at the University of British Columbia, describes what employers can do to help improve the working conditions for employees with RA. Watch what she has to say.

She adds that for those with RA, being able to work meets more than just a financial need. It allows them to keep their identity and sense of usefulness. Lacaille’s patients are often creative when it comes to finding solutions for accommodation, and, she adds, “They are extremely committed employees.” However, employers don’t always recognize this. See what she says about the misconceptions employers have about employees with chronic illnesses.

Unfortunately, in Canada, policies around disabilities and working are behind those found in other countries. Oftentimes, people have to work either full-time or not at all to receive benefits from the government. Learn more about this and Lacaille’s view on it.

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