Chronic illnesses, and the rising costs of treating them, are a growing concern for benefits plan sponsors.

At the 2015 Calgary Drug Trends Summit, experts discussed topics ranging from new treatments—such as biologics and subsequent-entry biologics—to cardiovascular disease and obesity, to the physical and mental anguish endured by patients with chronic illnesses. Here are highlights from the sessions.

Psoriasis – A look below the surface
At the age of 35, Andrew Gosse was tired of living. A psoriasis patient for more than half his life, he told his wife, “This disease has ravaged me. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried every medication the dermatologist could prescribe; I’ve tried all the cures on the Internet.”
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The advent of biosimilars in Canada: Balancing short-term opportunity and long-term sustainability
Biologics represent a substantive and growing portion of total drug spending in Canada.
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Managing cardiovascular disease – Impact on the workplace
Thanks to advances in medical treatments over the past four decades, a study from the Public Health Agency of Canada shows that fewer people are now dying of heart attacks.
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Obesity management at the workplace
Obesity is a chronic medical condition and a major public health problem affecting one in four Canadian adults, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.
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What’s causing your insomnia? Drug trends that are keeping you up at night
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has huge organizational and individual costs.
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