The Canadian Diabetes Association and Diabetes Québec have released a report on the state of diabetes in Canada. The report, titled Diabetes: Canada at the Tipping Point—Charting a New Path, reveals an alarmingly steady rise in cases of diabetes throughout the country. It also presents projections out to 2020 and suggests a variety of actions that can be taken to prevent the disease.

“If we don’t contain this virtual epidemic, Canada’s healthcare system will suffer, as direct and indirect health costs explode,” a press release from Diabetes Québec explains.

The release also states that in Québec alone, 563,000 people suffer from diabetes, and another 200,000 are unaware that they have the disease.

Each year close to $3 billion are spent on direct and indirect costs associated with the disease, with the cost burden falling increasingly on the shoulders of employers, people with diabetes and their families.

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