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Drug plan waste costs plan sponsors $5.1 billion: report

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Norm Johnston:

Employers and insurance companies need to be more vigilant and circumspect in managing health and dental plans. For example, independent dental hygienists offer economic cleaning services but most plan providers do not promote same.

Thursday, June 06 at 2:27 pm | Reply

Ross Perry:

The same waste applies to dental benefits. The orientation of these benefits is to treatment rather than prevention, and few dental plans promote risk assessment and the appropriate treatment of the infection associated with dental decay. About 40% of all spending on group dental plans is related to restoration of dental decay.

Monday, June 10 at 11:50 am | Reply

Jim Cochrane:

Guilt tripping seems to be the new normal. Try this on employees and their dependents at your peril. I suggest the decision over which Pharmacy has a lot to do with comfort zone. Buying drugs in a noisy supermarket next to the Dairy supply or in a warehouse with forklifts beepng their way past scores of bargain hunters is not condusive to the confidence of the employee or spouse that they have heard all the instructions properly.

Thursday, May 29 at 8:12 am | Reply

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