The vast majority of American workers say their benefits package is important to their decision to take a job, as supported by the high take-up rates when benefits are offered, says an Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) report.

Based on the latest results from the Health and Voluntary Workplace Benefits Survey by EBRI/Greenwald & Associates, workers also say overwhelmingly that health insurance is the most important workplace benefit by far.

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The survey finds that three-quarters of workers state that the benefits package an employer offers prospective workers is extremely (32%) or very (44%) important in their decision to accept or reject a job. Of those offered the benefits, 80% or more signed up for health, dental and retirement benefits.

And 86% of workers say that employment-based health insurance is extremely or very important, far more than for any other workplace benefit.

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Workers identify lower cost (compared with purchasing benefits on their own) and choice as strong advantages of voluntary benefits.

However, they are split with respect to their comfort in having their employer choose their benefits provider and think that the possibility of having to pay the full cost of any voluntary benefits is a strong or moderate disadvantage.

“Workers clearly recognize the value of employer-provided benefits in their decision to take or reject a job,” says Paul Fronstin, director of EBRI’s health research and education program and co-author of the report. “And when those benefits are offered—especially health benefits—workers sign up for them.”

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