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How to select the right HCSA

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Auke Beerschoten:

CRA is NOT in agreement with the notion expressed in this article, that unincorporated Owners can have a self-Insured Private Health Services Plan (a Health Spending Account).

The annual “contribution limits” are the amounts that an unincorporated Owner can deduct for premiums paid to an Insured Private Health Services Plan (an insurance policy).

Unincorporated Owners can participate in a self-Insured Private Health Services Plan if there is one (or more) arms length Employee, and can have the same benefit level.

This article confuses the requirements of Health and Welfare Trusts, Insured Private Health Services Plans (an insurance policy with premiums) and self-Insured PHSP (or an HSA).

Friday, October 11 at 10:37 pm | Reply

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