How mentally healthy is your workplace? In honour of Mental Health Week, running from May 7 to 13, the Quebec-based Mental Illness Foundation is asking organizations to assess the risk factors in their organization that could be affecting employees’ mental health.

“A high level of personal involvement, a greater than average number of work hours, a tense work environment or a lack of support from colleagues or superiors are amongst the risk factors that can lead to mental health issues in the workplace,” said Lucie Brais, director of adult programs with the Mental Illness Foundation. “Add to this poor time management, personal problems, a history of physical or mental health issues, and these factors can, over the medium or long-term, lead to depression.”

To encourage organizational wellness, the Foundation offers a training program aimed at mitigating mental health issues in the workplace. The program, called Nothing’s Working, teaches employees and managers to prevent, identify and manage mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and personality disorders.

“Showing support, acknowledging the employees’ work and controlling their workload are all elements that promote the well-being of workers,” said Brais.

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