How do employees with cancer feel about their benefits programs during treatment? What new treatments are emerging that will affect the workplace? With panels of experts and exclusive research on employee experience in the workplace with cancer, Benefits Canada’s 2016 Employers Cancer Care Summit helped employers boost their knowledge of the challenges they’ll be facing.

Here are some of the highlights of the sessions.

Photos from the event can be found in our photo gallery.

Exclusive research results: How do employees with cancer feel about their benefit plans?
Gaps in coverage persist even as almost two-thirds of employees diagnosed with cancer feel their workplace benefit plan played a significant role in helping them manage their cancer, according to Benefits Canada research.

An employee’s experience with the workplace during cancer treatment
As the manager of a benefits plan, Lisa Redmond’s perspectives changed when she learned she had breast cancer and had to access the benefits from the perspective of a plan member rather than a plan sponsor.

Immuno-oncology shows promise but cost concerns loom
The development of new cancer treatments has created an opportunity to turn some cancers into chronic, manageable diseases and allow many people to return to work.

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