For many workers, the boss’s emails never seem to stop, and many of them expect to receive a response even if a message is sent after work hours, according to a survey.

The Right Management survey finds that more than one-third of employees get work-related emails after the workday is over. In addition, 6% receive emails on the weekend and 9% while on vacation.

“The boundaries of the workplace are expanding and now reach deeper into employees’ lives, especially now that mobile technology is taken for granted,” says Monika Morrow, the company’s senior vice-president of career management.

“Many find they can no longer just leave the office at the office and instead will get emails or calls while commuting or shopping—or even sitting down to dinner.”

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She adds that such intrusions have now become routine, not an exception.

“I suppose some workers can adjust accordingly, but it’s added stress for others when they ought to be relaxing with family or friends.”

Morrow believes the trend may reflect the personality of the boss. By nature, they’re achievers who have trouble shutting down at the end of the day. Additionally, they’re probably sitting at their laptop and not thinking that their message will reach someone at the market or gym.

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For senior-level managers, however, it’s important for them to be available at all times.

“There are emergencies and problems that need to be addressed at almost any hour,” she explains. “At the same time, bosses should think twice about messaging at all hours. They may think they’re being productive, but the effect may be the opposite.”

Morrow worries that for more and more workers their home life is not their own and that work is never far from their mind. “It‘s been a trend for several years, and we don’t know where it’s headed.”

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