Medavie Blue Cross is adding heart health and smoking-cessation services to its extended health benefit designed to help manage chronic disease.

The health benefit already offers lung health and diabetes services, including ongoing education, treatment planning, motivation and support, intervention services, symptom management and medication adherence and compliance.

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“Through the managing chronic disease extended health benefit, people living with a chronic illness now have access to a number of services provided by accredited health professionals to help them take charge of their treatment plan and improve their quality of life,” said Anne Nicoll, vice-president of business development at Medavie Blue Cross, in a news release.

Glen Chenard, a registered nurse and expert in health behaviour change at Saint Elizabeth Health Care, noted he has seen the power of coaching services in helping people make healthier choices and stick with them over time.

“As Canadians, we know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but taking action and living it day to day can be tough,” he said. “Research shows ongoing education and support is key to helping patients succeed over time.”

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