Mental Health Week is an annual national event that takes place May 4-10 to encourage people from all walks of life to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health.

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, more than 500,000 Canadians won’t go to work because of mental illness each week, more than 30% of disability claims and 70% of disability costs are attributed to mental illness; and about $51 billion each year is lost from the Canadian economy because of mental illness.

Below are some articles on the impact of mental health in the workplace and some resources for employers.

Is early detection in your mental health tool kit?
Newly released national legislation dictates that organizations now have a greater responsibility to provide a physically and psychologically safe environment for their employees.
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5 key stats about Canadians’ mental health
Canadians are stressed about work, and caregiving can have a negative impact on their mental health, notes a report from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.
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How employers can address mental health issues
Mental health is a major concern for Canadian employers today, accounting for one-third of short-term disability claims and 70% of the costs.
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Recognizing the warning signs of mental distress
People leaders often struggle with managing employees when there seems to be a personal issue impacting job performance, especially when there could be an emerging mental health issue at play.
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Taking action on mental illness
People with mental illness are struggling every day. We need to continue the conversation; we need to do more. So what can be done?
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The missing link: The connection between physical and mental health
Growing awareness of the significant impact that mental illness has on workplace productivity, employee engagement and organizational budgets has prompted employers to begin developing strategies to encourage mental health in the workplace.
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Mental health in the workplace
When it comes to maintaining and improving employee wellness, mental health has become a lead topic for employers and benefit providers—and with good reason.
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Mental health literacy a concern
Typically, people tend to not look after their mental health to the same extent as their physical health. Despite research showing the prevalence of mental illnesses and related issues in Canada, mental health is still not a top health priority for the general public.
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Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers
The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) has created a workplace guide on mental health, Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers. Download the guide from the MHCC’s website.

Not Myself Today mental health tool kit
Download a mini version of the mental health tool kit here from the Not Myself Today website.

Mental Health Week events
See a complete list of Mental Health Week events on the Canadian Mental Health Association’s website.

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