Despite the fact that Canadians want to put family first, a survey suggests many are beginning to question whether balance is possible.

Although 81% of Canadians want to achieve work-life equilibrium, only 27% of respondents are convinced that work-life balance is attainable in our society. And only 17% strongly believe our society supports its workers having good work-life balance.

“With the war for talent in Canada escalating, employers cannot afford to ignore the needs of their employees,” says Alain Thauvette, senior vice-president of group and business insurance at Desjardins Financial Security. “What we are seeing is that there is no longer a right employee for the job, but rather a right workplace and job for an employee.”

The survey also found only 2% of Canadians reduce their working hours and just 14% talk to their supervisors about their concerns regarding work-life balance.

SOM Surveys, Opinion Polls and Marketing conducted the survey on behalf of Desjardins Financial Security.

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