The majority (92 per cent) of Canadians believe pharmacists play an essential or important role in Canada’s health-care system, according to a new survey by Abacus Data.

The survey, which was conducted online among more than 4,000 adult Canadians, found most respondents trust pharmacists to provide advice on medicines (96 per cent), management of common ailments (94 per cent), healthy lifestyle changes (91 per cent) and vaccinations (88 per cent).

These numbers represent a year-over-year increase since this survey began in 2015.

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The survey also found that Canadians recognize the advantages of pharmacists’ expanded scope of practice. Some 82 per cent of respondents said allowing pharmacists to do more for patients will both improve health outcomes and reduce health-care costs.

Most respondents also said they’re open to visiting their pharmacy for health-care services beyond filling a prescription, with 90 per cent saying they’re likely to visit a pharmacist for advice on medicines they’re taking, 80 per cent saying they’re likely to visit a pharmacist for management of common ailments like the flu or cold and 70 per cent saying they’re likely to visit a pharmacist to get a flu shot.

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