Shifts in technology are not only changing the way Canadians work and do business, they are also changing workplace dynamics, presenting new opportunities—and challenges—to employers and employees.

According to a survey by Dell and Intel, 75% of respondents said technology enables more flexibility in their workplace and productivity is measured by output rather than time spent at work. However, the downside to this flexibility is that 43% of respondents said they have trouble switching off from work during their free time and 48% said they have more work than can be handled in a traditional 9-to-5 schedule.

Yet despite the challenges, a company’s focus on technology increases its potential to attract top talent. Seven in ten of those surveyed said they are attracted to work for a company that offers the latest technology. This statistic was consistent across all age groups, indicating that a focus on technology is no longer just a consideration for gen X or Y employees.

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