Forty-seven percent of Canadians say that work and their workplace is the most stressful part of their lives, according to a survey.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Partners for Mental Health, also finds that 16% of workers feel that work is a frequent or ongoing source of feelings of depression, anxiety or other mental health symptoms.

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These employees often keep their feelings and issues secret rather than confiding in their employers, colleagues and friends due to the possibility of stigma, discrimination and lack of support in the workplace. Two-thirds of Canadians say they wouldn’t have an open discussion with their boss about their mental illness.

“The detrimental effects of unmanaged mental illness in the workplace—from the impact on the individual, to loss of productivity, and to increased disability claims—confirms the critical need for businesses and individuals to take action when it comes to mental health,” says the charitable organization’s president, Jeff Moat.

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Even though 44% of workers say they have or have had mental health issues, it’s still not being talked about openly in the workplace. He says this has to change for the sake of the long-term health of all employees.

To help drive change, Partners for Mental Health launched its Not Myself Today campaign, which coincides with Mental Health Week in Canada.

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