Virtually all Canadians say that having a good work/life balance is the number one priority for a healthy lifestyle, but having this balance may be far from reality for most.

According to a Workmonitor study by Randstad Canada, 40% of Canadians feel like their employer doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle. And even more Canadians (56%) feel like their employer does not support a mentally fit lifestyle by, for example, providing a job coach or a mentor.

What companies may not be considering is how a lack in physical and mental stimulation can affect the end product, as three in four Canadians say they perform better at work when they workout or play sports regularly.

“With many companies working with similar or smaller budgets than last year, a healthy lifestyle for their employees is often overlooked in the pursuit for a better bottom line,” says Lauranna Ji, health and safety manager with Randstad Canada.

When it comes to staying mentally fit, employees would like to see more opportunities to speak to a mentor or a job coach, as only 43% of workers say these opportunities are available to them.

When it comes to taking time away for personal reasons, 79% of Canadian employees say their employer is supportive.

And if time off is needed to take care of a family member, nearly as many (68%) say their employer would be supportive.

The survey also revealed how important family is to Canadians, as nearly 70% of Canadians say they would quit their job if their employer did not let them take time off to take care of a family member.

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Kenneth MacDonald:

Next Friday, April 4th will mark 3 years since I moved to a 4 day work week. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would argue that my work productivity in 4 days is no less than it was when I was working 5 days a week. I am much more engaged in my work and happier (so is my wife). I no longer dread Mondays – I look forward to them. And after 3 days off each week I have more energy to pour into each day. I tell people that I took a 20% cut in pay to increase my days off by 50%. In my books, that’s one heck of a return on investment.

Thursday, March 27 at 11:31 am | Reply

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