Feb. 4 is World Cancer Day, which is a day to raise awareness about all aspects of the disease.

Cancer is likely to affect many Canadians or their families. Approximately two in five Canadians will develop cancer in his or her lifetime, and it’s estimated 191,300 new cases of cancer and 76,600 deaths from cancer occurred in Canada last year. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and is responsible for 30% of all deaths.

Here are some articles and resources on how employers can deal with cancer in the workplace.

Employers can help workers cope with cancer
Employers have an opportunity to be more supportive of their workers to help them cope with cancer. Read more…

Supporting employees with cancer
If cancer is a journey, then a patient’s employer can be considered a vital member of the travel crew. Read more…

Supporting employees battling cancer
Cancer remains the leading cause of premature death in Canada and is a leading cause for long-term disability claims in the workplace. Read more…

Helping employees navigate cancer
It starts with those ominous words, “The test results are back…” and ends with the word that no one wants to hear: cancer. Read more…

Diagnosis cancer: Are you prepared?
Are oral and/or injectable drugs included in your organization’s drug plan? If you’re a plan sponsor and aren’t sure, you are not alone. Read more…

Ontario has launched an online cancer risk assessment tool that helps pinpoint risk and provides a personalized action plan to lower that risk.

The Canadian Cancer Society also has tips on its website about how to help a co-worker with cancer or if you supervise someone with cancer.

Visit the World Cancer Day website for more information on the initiative.

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