According to a recent Nanos Research public opinion poll conducted for the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), 20%, or one in five, British Columbians would be very likely to change his or her vote if the party they currently support fails to present a plan for the future of healthcare.

“Our polls show that across Canada a core set of voters will mark their ballots based on how parties address the issue of healthcare,” said CMA president Jeffrey Turnbull. “It’s clear that any party that fails to address this priority is following a risky ballot box strategy.”

Of those surveyed, 35% say healthcare should take priority of the economy and jobs as the top issue for the federal election.

Almost two-thirds of respondents indicated the federal government’s role as custodian of the Canada Health Act is very important.

Three in four (74.5%) believe it’s important that party leaders present their plan to ensure Canadians have a sustainable healthcare system that meets patient needs, 71.2% think it’s very important in the context of the election that the party leaders be willing to address the healthcare challenges facing Canadians.

“There is no doubt healthcare is a priority for voters, and Canada’s doctors will seize every opportunity to remind politicians that this election should be about the priorities of Canadians,” Turnbull said. “We, as well other health care professionals, are ready to work with all parties to build a better healthcare system for future generations.”

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