Employees worldwide have one eye on the future—but they feel their employers aren’t helping them to get there.

According to a study by consulting firm Kelly Services, the majority of employees feel their bosses have not done a good job in preparing them for future success. The report, The Evolving Workforce: Effective Employers, was based on findings from the Kelly Global Workforce Index, which surveyed approximately 97,000 people in 30 countries.

Of those surveyed, only 37% said their bosses have helped prepare them for future success, while only 44% said that their efforts at work are recognized and rewarded. Less than half of those surveyed said they would be willing to recommend their current employer to a friend or acquaintance, and while almost half of respondents described their organization’s leadership culture as either empowering or inclusive, another 31% described it as authoritative or oppressive.

Overall, employers scored a dismal average rating of 6.4 out of 10.

When asked what qualities affect their opinion of employers, 26% of employees said leadership style, 24% said vision and clear direction and 19% said communication style.

Among those who said they are rewarded for their work, 67% said this takes the form of being noticed by management, 17% said they receive bonuses or incentives and 12% said they are acknowledged through formal programs.

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