With the growth of the gig economy and the traditional workplace become increasingly flexible and informal, the way in which employees dress for work is changing as well.

A recent survey by recruitment company Robert Half Canada Inc. found 74 per cent of employers in accounting and finance have casual dress codes, and 17 per cent of respondents to the survey have relaxed their guidelines for business attire over the past five years.

Toronto-Dominion Bank, for example, switched from a formal dress code policy to a more relaxed one last fall, according to Andrea Hough, vice-president of talent acquisition. One reason for the change is that it helps the company recruit millennials, but it also helps all employees relax and be more productive at work, she says.

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As the trend catches on across the country, Benefits Canada‘s weekly online poll wonders: Should employees be able to dress casually any day of the week? Have your say here.

Last week’s poll referred to a recent study that cast doubt on the merits of target-date funds, instead suggesting an approach that’s much more dynamic and puts greater weight on how an individual’s portfolio has performed. While the majority (69 per cent) of respondents disagreed with the criticisms and believe target-date funds are the best answer available to the dilemma of investment choice, 31 per cent agreed with the criticism and said the funds haven’t resolved the challenge.

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