Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson Inc. is enhancing its parental leave benefits in every country in which it operates.

The company is giving new parents a minimum of eight weeks of paid leave during the first year of a child’s birth or adoption.

The rollout will take place through the rest of 2017 and into January 2018.

For many countries, the change exceeds the amount of leave mandated by the government. In Brazil, for example, government-mandated paternity leave is just five days.

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In addition to the leave, the company has introduced a temperature-controlled shipping service for breastfeeding mothers travelling for work that enables them to safely send breast milk home.

In the United States, the parental leave change, which first took effect in 2015, means mothers who give birth now have a total of 17 weeks of paid time off. When it comes to other child-related supports, employees can receive $20,000 per child under 18 for adoption assistance; $20,000 per child for eligible surrogacy-related services; and a maximum of $35,000 in fertility benefits per family.

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