Starbucks Corp. is aiming to help working parents and caregivers with a new benefit connecting employees with an online care network and 10 days of subsidized backup care.

The online service, called Care@Work, moves through, which connects families directly with caregivers. “This is giving our partners resources for things that happen in regular life,” said Ron Crawford, vice-president of benefits at Starbucks, in a press release. “We wanted to give them something to help fill in the gaps.”

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The new perk is meant to complete a full picture of related benefits, including paid parental leave, as well as the company’s partner and family sick time benefit, which lets employees accrue time based on hours worked to use when they are sick themselves or need to care for a sick family member.

“Care@Work is the final piece of the puzzle,” said Crawford.

Employees will have two options for the 10 subsidized days. Either they can pay $1 per hour for in-home backup child or adult care or $5 per day per child for care away from home.

When it comes to caring for adults in the family, the benefit includes the option for employees to connect with a senior care advisor who can go over a customized plan for long-term options and concerns, such as caregivers, housing alternatives, finances and legal issues.

“We all have needs at home, whether you have children, pets, parents or aging grandparents. This benefit supports the partner and their family,” said Alyssa Brock, director of benefits at Starbucks, in the release. “We are all more than who we are at work,

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