Helping employees go back to school isn’t just good for the worker—it’s good for the employer, too.

According to the Tuition Assistance Value Study, conducted by EdLink, the ROI Institute and Capella University, the vast majority of employees who have advanced their education through tuition assistance programs report that their job satisfaction, efficiency, quality, and productivity were positively influenced by the program, and that the knowledge they acquired was useful in their jobs.

More than 96% of the respondents reported that the education they received was valuable and a good use of their organizations’ resources. Additionally, 77% of respondents reported that the program was the reason they pursued furthering their academic/professional development.

Employee engagement and productivity were shown to be positively influenced, with more than 86% of respondents reporting that employee satisfaction, efficiency, quality, and productivity had been boosted by their participation in a tuition assistance program. More than 94% said the knowledge they acquired was useful to their jobs.

The survey was distributed to more than 2,000 employees who were participating in employer-offered tuition assistance programs. Participants came from a variety of U.S. organizations and from multiple industries, including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, energy and consumer products.

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