Apple, Facebook and Salesforce are the best global companies at attracting and retaining talent, according to data from LinkedIn.

Its inaugural ranking of the “top attractors” across Australia, Brazil, Britain, France, India and the United States was compiled using four factors: reach, engagement, job interest and new-hire staying power. It then observed how much its members discovered and engaged with these companies, applied to jobs, and whether new hires stayed after joining.

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“Top attractors share a hard-earned competitive edge: powerful employer brands that bring in top talent, and inspire them to stay,” said LinkedIn. “And it’s not only exciting to be a top employer, but it’s also valuable.

“Companies that invest in their employer brands lower their hiring costs because their good reputations amplify their ability to recruit and retain top talent.”

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According to LinkedIn, these are the Top 10 most sought-after companies globally:


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