In its November, semi-annual index review, MSCI Inc., implemented the third increase in a series of planned increases to China A shares within its emerging markets indexes.

Within its China index specifically, MSCI will be adding 204 new constituents, mostly mid-cap companies. The inclusion factor of the existing shares will also be increased.

China A shares will have respective weights of 12.1 per cent and 4.1 per cent within the China and emerging market indexes.

Among other index changes, 278 securities are set to join MSCI ACWI index, with 69 to be deleted. For the world index, the U.S.-based companies, namely Blackstone Group, Match Group and Pinterest, are the biggest names joining, by full market cap. For the emerging markets index, Chinese companies Csc Financial and Hansoh Pharmaceutical, as well as Indian-based Sbi Life Insurance Co., are the biggest players joining.

Within the ACWI small cap index, 311 new constituents are coming online, while 234 are being deleted.

Meanwhile, the ACWI investable market index will see 493 new names and 207 deletions, while the world all cap index will add 343 securities and delete 208.

As for the frontier market index, it will only be seeing four new constituents, while eight are to be deleted.