It’s been a difficult stretch for fixed-income investors with persistently high inflation, rising interest rates, and heightened market volatility. But, as is often the case, today’s volatility has also created some compelling opportunities. In this recent analysis, we take a closer look at the high-yield credit segment of the emerging-market debt space, including:

  • Why valuations like today’s have historically represented an attractive entry point
  • How fundamentals stack up against other spread sectors, such as U.S. high yield
  • What the current default rate suggests may be in store

Read the full piece here for more details.

Manulife Investment Management’s emerging-market debt team

Paolo H. Valle
Senior Portfolio Manager

Roberto Sanchez-Dahl, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager

Elina Theodorakopoulou
Portfolio Manager

Nicolas J. Peña
Senior Investment Analyst, Sector Head, EM Fixed Income

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