Face to Face: Drug Plan Management Toronto

December 05, 2018
Arcadian Court, Toronto

The Face-to-Face Drug Plan Management Forum is the industry’s most popular drug benefits conference.

It features informative presentations, panels and employer case studies.


Plan Sponsor/Employer Price = $129 + HST

Industry Provider Price = $249 + HST

Benefits Canada will apply to the Institute for CE credits. 
You must stay for the FULL event to be eligible.


Employee benefit and drug plan sponsors, benefit consultants, group insurers and other healthcare stakeholders. See above for more details. If you would like to suggest someone to attend or want more clarification, please email Lauren Harris, editor, conferences.

For information on how to sponsor this event, please contact Francesca Allman, senior national account manager.


CE credits will be offered at this event.


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Face to Face: Drug Plan Management Forum Agenda


This half-day, morning conference will run from appriximately 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

It will feature the following panel discussions:

1. Patient Support Programs – Filling in the gaps
Patient support programs, developed by pharmaceutical companies, fill in gaps in the healthcare system. Why are they needed and how do they differ from insurer case management programs? Does overlap in their services cause confusion to patients and physicians? Is there a way to integrate services to provide better support and improved health outcomes? How will programs evolve in the future? This panel will discuss these issues, as well as how these programs can benefit private health plans.

2. Should there be "optional drug classes" in today’s drug plans?
Several categories of drugs are optional for a plan sponsor to include or exclude in their drug plans. Some examples of these include vaccines, sexual dysfunction, fertility, smoking cessation and obesity treatments. Is it still relevant for plan sponsors to choose whether they are covered or not? Why are these categories handled differently and should they be? Join the panel as it examines whether it’s time to upgrade these categories to standard drug plan inclusions.

3. The role of pharmacogenetics in private drug plans
What are pharmacogenetics and how do they benefit private drug plans? What personalized tests are available and how do physicians use them in their practice? What are the potential risks or challenges of implementing them in your plan? This panel will provide an update on the Canadian pharmacogenetic landscape and equip you with information you need to ask the right questions.


More information to be announced shortly.

Arcadian Court

Originally opened in 1929, the Arcadian Court has a deep and rich history as a Toronto institution. It has hosted many monumental events including Toronto’s first auto show; the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s first radio broadcasts; performances by entertainment legends such as Liberace; and Sotheby’s first auction outside of Britain, to name just a few.

Arcadian Court


401 Bay Street 
Simpson Tower, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5H 2Y4
(416) 364-1211

Minutes away from the Toronto Eaton Centre

For more information, please contact Mandy Cheung, events and registration specialist
For sponsorship information contact Francesca Allman senior national account manager