A lot of employees are on holiday right now, but should they have to delineate the time they’re taking specifically as vacation?

As pointed out in a recent story by The Associated Press and posted on benefitscanada.com, a growing number of employers are combining sick leave and vacation into a single category called paid time off.

One of the biggest benefits in having paid time off, particularly for small business owners, is the elimination of the administrative burden of tracking how many sick days, versus vacation time, their employees use. It also alleviates the need for employers to determine if someone is taking a day off for legitimate reasons, the story noted.

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On the other hand, having a single category of paid time off isn’t a solution in all cases because it may not stop those employees who have a habit of calling in sick on Mondays or after long holiday weekends and some people may decide to work when they’re ill, rather than use days they want to set aside for a vacation.

So what’s your view? Do employers need to separate sick leave from other types of time off, such as vacation? Don’t for get to have your say in our weekly online poll.

Last week’s poll question asked whether it’s time for legislative changes to better protect employees, in light of the Sears Canada Inc. restructuring case. The majority (85 per cent) of respondents agreed with the need for reform as there have been too many cases of employees losing out when a company lands in trouble. The remaining 15 per cent disagreed, suggesting that forcing more onerous requirements on companies would only cause other problems and wouldn’t fix the issue.

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Laura Penney:

I like the paid time off approach rather than separate holiday and sick time. I have never used all of the sick days I am allowed but use every single vacation day. Those who don’t have children or those who rarely get sick lose out. If it was all just paid time off I would get just as much time off as a coworker who uses up her vacation AND all of her sick days every year.

Wednesday, July 19 at 11:50 am | Reply


Might be OK for employers who give a ‘small’ amount of paid sick leave, but not for employers with generous amounts of paid sick leave.

Wednesday, July 19 at 2:41 pm | Reply

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