Ontario has published new proposed rules around marijuana use that includes a workplace ban on smoking both the medical and recreational varieties.

In response to the federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana in July 2018, Ontario’s proposal is informed by its experience in managing tobacco and alcohol, as well as lessons from other jurisdictions that have recently legalized marijuana, it noted in a press release.

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The province’s proposals include regulating the use of medical and recreational marijuana separately, so it will restrict recreational marijuana in a similar way to alcohol. Under its proposed Cannabis Act, 2017, it would be illegal to use recreational marijuana in workplaces. And for those using medical marijuana, smoking and vaping won’t be allowed in enclosed workplaces or other areas where tobacco smoking is currently banned.

As a key part of Ontario’s awareness campaign, it will be developing resources to guide employers, labour groups and others as they manage workplace safety issues related to impairment at work.

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Judy Porter:

May be of some help….

Monday, November 06 at 11:56 am | Reply


As of yet I haven’t read a serious study on work place safety except for suppositions and conjectures about the sky is falling, so ill extrapolate information on driving a vehicle since most jobs are based on the same mental capabilities as driving a vehicle. According to all studies, that impairment on cannabis does not create an issue in road safety, in fact some studies suggest that drivers that are impaired under cannabis are safer drivers as they have a tendency of knowing they are impaired, slow down in their speed to compensate their reduction of reaction time and are more focused on the task driving. http://www.businessinsider.com/it-turns-out-that-smoking-marijuana-may-actually-make-you-a-better-driver-2011-12

Tuesday, November 07 at 7:58 pm | Reply

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