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Canadian pension funds rank poorly on climate change: report

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John Clark:

Climate change is at a dangerous juncture. The Arctic coast line of Canada and Russia is melting! This can have a cascading effect if not stopped. Most of the world’s carbon dioxide is stored in the frozen tundra! Details here: We may be too late with too little.

Tuesday, May 03 at 12:04 pm | Reply

Paul MacArthur:

As long as governments saturate knowledgeable people on their only version of climate change as correct with the purpose as a means to increase taxes many find their credibility in the tank. I wonder how many of the climate change fanatics ever had to meet a payroll or just got drowned in the government agenda? Read the old text book used in high-school in the 1960s called Land, Climate and Man. Even then our teacher wanted us to comment on the ECM as well, most students replied it’s all good if you can someone else’s money. Eventually someone takes a greasing. Climate change is not doing much to present, just finding excuses to tax and drive more companies out of Canada or give them excuse even though many have excellent programs to reduce their own pollution. India and China better shape up first. Oh yes one of lads in our class in PECI wondered if over-population may enter into it at some point in time. Now this was 1963 Nov. just before Kennedy was assassinated. Then the world changed!

Wednesday, May 04 at 1:48 pm | Reply

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