Creating continuously open markets
An important element of ending too-big-to-fail is ensuring that key markets can withstand the failure of systemic firms. It is unacceptable that core markets seized up during crisis, and that relatively small firms had to be saved because of concerns that they would take markets with them if they failed. Creating continuously open core markets requires changes to the plumbing of derivative and repo markets, along with better data and tracking of exposures.

Moving from shadow banking to market-based finance
The FSB is working to strengthen the oversight and regulation of shadow banking so that it is a source of competition (to promote efficiency) and diversity (to promote resilience) to the regulated sector. This will require changes to how money-market funds are managed, the terms of securitisation and, most importantly, how links between the regulated banking sector and shadow banks are managed.

Timely, consistent implementation
Finally, the FSB is increasingly focused on timely, full and consistent implementation of agreed reforms. This is essential to preserve the advantages of an open and globally integrated financial system. Recent experience demonstrates that when mutual confidence is lost, the retreat from an open and integrated system can occur rapidly. A return to a nationally segmented global financial system would reduce both systemic resilience and financial capacity for investment and growth.

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Scott Warner:

This speech is aimed at furthering the notion of the “global” economy. I do not subscribe to that notion and really you can see that we pay a huge penalty here for the experiments of the global socialists. Ask yourself as you watch your investments dwindle each day while the “stock” market posts triple digit declines … why should your reitrement savings be devastated just because some people in Greece don’t want to work? Beware people that will try to tell you “its not that simple” … it walks like a duck …

Tuesday, June 26 at 7:19 am | Reply

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