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Money is the leading reason Canadian employees would leave their job for another, according to a new survey by OfficeTeam.

Its survey, which queried 500 office workers and more than 300 human resources managers, found 43 per cent of Canadian workers said they’d leave their job for one with higher pay. Other reasons included being bored or unchallenged by the work (17 per cent), feeling unappreciated (11 per cent) and moving to a company with a higher purpose or stronger mission (10 per cent).

Just nine per cent of survey respondents said they’d leave an employer because of a bad cultural fit, seven per cent said they’d do so because of the commute and four per cent would quit because they were unhappy with their boss.

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“Professionals want to be rewarded and recognized for their efforts at work, and will move to find an employer who provides that satisfaction,” said Koula Vasilopoulos, a district president for OfficeTeam, in a news release. “When considering a job change, workers should first discuss any issues with their current manager, who may be able to offer things like additional incentives or development opportunities to help keep talented employees engaged and committed.”

How an employee quits their job affects their future career opportunities, according to the human resources managers surveyed. A quarter (25 per cent) said it greatly affects future prospects while 65 per cent said it has somewhat of an impact.

“Departing on a high note helps maintain a positive professional reputation that will follow you as you progress in your career,” said Vasilopoulos.

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