The Association of Canadian Pension Management (ACPM) says there are principles that should be followed in any expansion of mandatory public plans.

Its paper, “ACPM Principles for Mandatory Public Pension Plans,” notes that middle-income Canadians working in the private sector without access to a workplace plan appear to need the most help, but not all middle-income Canadians need additional retirement savings.

The ACPM urges that any action target as best as possible the middle class and ideally those workers most needing to save more. The paper also recommends that there be a phased-in expansion to allow stakeholders time to adapt to the change and there should be no adverse impact to existing tax-sheltered contribution and benefit limits.

“If there must be changes to C/QPP, or if another mandatory pension plan such as the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan is introduced, we believe that the ‘ACPM Principles for Mandatory Public Pension Plans’ should be considered and followed when those changes are made.”

The paper is available on ACPM’s website.

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