American International Group Inc. is adding a new surrogacy reimbursement benefit and an enhanced adoption benefit for its U.S. employees.

The organization’s adoption and surrogacy assistance program, which will take effect on Jan. 1, 2019, includes reimbursement of up to $13,800 of eligible surrogacy-related expenses per child and an increase to the adoption reimbursement per child, from $7,500 to $13,800.

Under the new program, the combined lifetime maximum reimbursement amount per employee is $27,600, which represents a total maximum reimbursement for two adoptions, or two surrogacy arrangements, or one adoption and one surrogacy arrangement.

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“We’re proud to offer a new surrogacy reimbursement benefit for our U.S. employees, and I thank our New York LGBT & Allies employee resource group for encouraging AIG to offer policies that further support today’s diverse families,” said Justin Orlando, senior director of employee benefits at AIG, in a press release. “We’re always considering how to enhance our benefits offerings to meet the needs of our diverse workforce, and our employee resource groups have provided invaluable insights.”

Eligible expenses under the program may include agency administrative fees for the cost of locating a surrogate and managing the surrogacy; legal fees for negotiating the surrogacy contract; and travel fees within the U.S. associated with the surrogacy arrangement.

“There are many ways to start and build families today,” said Kenny Juarez, head of communications for life and retirement at AIG and a member of the LGBT & Allies employee resource group. “I’m proud to work for a company that listens to its employees and offers diverse resources and benefits that matter for their families.”

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