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Elimination of B.C. medical services plan premiums good news for employers

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Jonathan Chescoe:

I have a hard time understanding the frail logic of how eliminating BC MSP premiums is good for employers. The reason MSP premiums are being eliminated is so employers cover the full cost of MSP. It’s transitioning the financial burden from the individual to the employer. Yes, some employers pay MSP premiums as a benefit of employment but that is neither here nor there. The health tax was intended to replace individual premium contributions, whether or not they were made by the individual themselves or by the employer as a benefit on behalf of the individual. They were not intended to be in addition to. The government didn’t provide “Good News” to employers, they burdened them with another cost of doing business.

Saturday, January 04 at 3:30 pm | Reply

Sarb Lalli:

This is good news for all employees and the vast majority of businesses. A small percentage of businesses are paying for this change. Those businesses can usually afford this type of tax. In addition, the B.C. employer health tax is deductible from business income for income tax purposes.

Monday, January 06 at 3:25 pm | Reply

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