EQ Care launching free pandemic support program

EQ Care is offering free access to its on-demand mental-health support program to help people cope as Canada endures a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Being committed to empathetic and compassionate care for the last 30 years, we recognize the important role EQ Care is privileged to play in improving the health of Canadians during this challenging time,” said Daniel Martz, chief executive officer of EQ Care, in a press release.

Until the end of the year, employees who have access to EQ Care through their workplace benefits plans will be able to use its pandemic support program, which has been built on the company’s online cognitive behavioural therapy platform.

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The nine-week modules help employees build coping skills and resiliency to handle the disruptions to their work-life balance. They’re available on-demand in French and English.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that, as per our promise of delivering a human touch, we offer both a licensed therapist and a care manager as part of the experience of our [online] CBT application,” says Eli Batalion, marketing strategist at EQ Care. “We think the human touch is the key.”

The results of the program have been promising to date, with nine out of 10 patients in a clinical trial showing improvement in their symptoms, according to the press release. Of those who improved, 75 per cent experienced a significant reduction (40 per cent) in their symptoms.

“We are proud of our app’s results, excited to continue to expand our care-centric approach into the realm of mental health and well-being and humbled to have the opportunity to offer tools like this to our clients and partners to enable resilience in challenging times,” said Martz.

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