The month in numbers

66% of DC plan sponsors worldwide prefer a target-date fund as their plan’s default investment option

— 2014 Vanguard survey

US$57,000 — the starting salary for a U.S. actuary, which could eventually increase to US$176,000

— Career Cast’s 2015 Jobs Rated report

only 27% of North American employees say their company is very good at recognizing staff for good performance

— 2015 OfficeTeam survey

70% of Canadian job seekers rate salary and benefits as their most important consideration

— 2015 Randstad Canada survey

Health Byte

Did you know?

Added sugars, particularly fructose, are a major cause of Type 2 diabetes and related metabolic complications that increase cardiovascular risk. These are the findings of a recent Mayo Clinic publication.

While fruits and vegetables also contain fructose, it’s in smaller amounts and it comes with fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so it’s not as damaging.

But the amounts of fructose in processed sugar are large: table sugar has equal amounts of fructose and glucose, and high-fructose corn syrup contains 65% fructose. Both are common ingredients in processed foods, which are devoid of fibre and many essential nutrients.

The Mayo Clinic publication also concludes the human body doesn’t need any added sugars—especially those with fructose. So the next time you organize a business meeting, avoid ordering pastries and opt for fruit instead. If you have a cafeteria, make sure it serves reasonablypriced fruits and vegetables. Ensure the other dishes it offers contain little or no added sugar, which lurks even in foods labelled “healthy,” such as low-fat salad dressing, whole wheat bread, hummus, honey, and fat-free yogurt and milk. Choose sugar-free versions of these foods, and make healthy sweeteners such as agave syrup available at your coffee and tea stands.


Face to Face: Drug Plan Management
May 20, 2015
Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver

How can employers can get the most from their drug plan spend?

This half-day event will explore support programs for plan members on medication, while providing an overview of the different services available and how they impact private drug plans. It will also discuss private drug trend highlights and their effect on plan sponsors.

If you can’t make it to the Vancouver event, join us at our Toronto Face to Face Drug Plan Management Forum in early December!

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