With $200 not getting people very far when it comes to buying eyeglasses, is vision coverage in employee benefit plans too low?

The issue of the adequacy of vision coverage arose in the recent Sanofi health-care survey. It found just 35 per cent plan members surveyed rate their vision coverage as excellent or very good. That number puts satisfaction with vision coverage near the bottom of typical employee benefits, with life insurance, vaccinations, health spending accounts and critical illness ranking lower. The survey found 21 per cent of plan members would describe their vision coverage as poor or very poor.

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Members, however, put a lot of emphasis on vision care. It ranked third in terms of importance, with 91 per cent of plan members saying vision care if somewhat or very important.

But at a time of significant pressure on benefit plans, particularly when it comes to prescription drugs, is vision care a priority for new spending? Have your say in Benefits Canada‘s weekly online poll: Are coverage levels for vision care in employee benefit plans too low?

As for last week’s poll, Benefits Canada found significant support for the recent agreement in principle to enhance the Canada Pension Plan. According to the poll, 67 per cent of participants felt the deal is an affordable compromise that will improve retirement security. Another 33 per cent of respondents said the changes will cost too much and won’t address the real concerns about retirement.

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The poll follows the June agreement at a finance ministers’ meeting in Vancouver to boost premiums and benefits over a five-year period starting in 2019.