Manulife Financial Corp. is once again giving $50 to each of its 37,000 global employees in their local currencies to “pay it forward” this holiday season.

The organization first introduced the charitable giving program in 2020 during the first holiday season since a global pandemic was declared in lieu of traditional end-of-year company celebration events and gifts. Now, the program is back for the second pandemic-era holiday season.

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With the money, Manulife’s global team members can perform acts of kindness in their communities in a way that’s most meaningful to them. Team members are also encouraged to share their stories of support on social media using the hashtag #ManulifeActofKindness.

“Our success as a company depends on the success of the communities we serve and we recognize this has been a difficult time for many individuals, families and communities around the world,” said Roy Gori, Manulife’s president and chief executive officer, in a press release. “We believe that, taken together, small gestures of kindness can have a big impact and that’s why we’re so excited to be bringing back our #ManulifeActofKindness program.”

In 2020, Manulife’s total direct corporate donations amounted to $21 million and its colleague donations totalled $4.2 million. In addition, its team members volunteered 31,795 hours last year.

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