Medavie invests in chronic disease intervention study

Medavie Blue Cross has partnered with the Toronto Rehab Foundation, investing $75,000 over three years into a chronic disease and lifestyle intervention research study.

The study, the ACCELERATION Project, aims to help participants reduce their risk for developing chronic disease, effectively moving them from a “high risk zone” to a “moderate to low risk zone.”

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“Chronic diseases take a significant toll on both people and the health-care system,” said Anne Nicoll, vice president, health and disability management at Medavie Blue Cross.

“Through this investment, we are exploring how to best help Canadians manage current chronic health issues and through enhanced management, not only improve their overall health, but also prevent other serious health issues from arising. The investment today means better health outcomes tomorrow and well into the future.”

“ACCELERATION is the first Canadian project of this magnitude that will look at chronic disease prevention,” said Dr. Paul Oh, medical director, cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation program at the Toronto Rehab Institute.

“There is an exciting potential that this research project could change the way chronic disease prevention is done in Canada.”

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The research study is conducted at different hospitals across the country, including the Toronto Rehab Rumsey Centre and the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax.