Morneau Shepell Ltd. is expanding its clinical network capacity by 25 per cent.

The growth, which is intended to increase the organization’s ability to provide immediate mental-health support to Canadians, anticipated a rise in outreach for coronavirus-related concerns, such as anxieties around returning to work and children returning to school and compounding stress about an uncertain and distant resolution to the pandemic.

“Expanding our clinical capacity is part of our over 40 years of commitment to be there for Canadians when they need us — whenever, wherever,” said Stephen Liptrap, president and chief executive officer of Morneau Shepell, in a press release. “It ensures that no one who needs and asks for help is left waiting, as the number of people seeking support increases, and that we can continue to offer seamless aid to those dealing with increasing uncertainty due to COVID-19.”

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The company is also launching its internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy program in the U.S. in September.

The program offers mental-health programs guided by a professional therapist to help address anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain management. It also includes an additional program, specifically designed to address anxiety symptoms related to the pandemic, with content tailored to factors like uncertainty, isolation, caring for family and community members, information overload and stress management.

“AbilitiCBT has been made available to over 10 million Canadians since its launch last year,” said Liptrap, in another press release. “Our success in Canada has demonstrated how much these programs can help people improve their mental health. We are thrilled to be able to expand our offering to the U.S. and to have the opportunity to help millions of Americans manage the effects these challenging times has on their well-being.”

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