Morneau Shepell to provide assistance to global expats

Morneau Shepell is partnering with the Immigration Industry Association to provide employee assistance services to expatriates, migrants and people who are considering migrating.

The program is available to the global association’s members, which comprise individuals and companies that work in the immigration area, such as global relocation specialists, banks, financial services institutions and immigration lawyers.

“We’re very excited about the partnership,” says Steve Cottle, director of global business development at Morneau Shepell. “It’s an opportunity to provide people with preparation and emotional support when they’re going to different parts of the world.”

While Morneau Shepell created services to address the needs of Canadian expatriates 25 years ago, the new partnership is an opportunity to reach beyond Canada, says Cottle.

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The Immigration Industry Association’s members will be able to provide Morneau Shepell’s services to the expatriates they serve, says Chris Galway, director of the London, England-based Immigration Industry Association. “In my opinion, it’s a duty of care to all those people in the world who are migrants.”

Expatriates face unique stresses associated with moving, he adds. ”The stresses and anxieties that sit with someone running from one country to another is quite vast. It could be anything from adjusting to a new culture to worrying about how you’re going to get your children to the appropriate schooling system as equally as to where you’re going to live or how you’re going to get to the community.”

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