The Royal Canadian Mounted Police group life insurance and disability income insurance plans are now available to members via a secure, self-service digital platform.

When the contract with their previous insurance administrator expired, the RCMP began a search for a new provider that could offer flexibility that matched their members’ lifestyle. As of June 14, the RCMP moved its more than 40,000 active and retired plan members to SEB Administrative Services Inc.’s FlexPlus platform.

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“We were looking for a company that . . . had the most accessible products possible to reflect the needs of our members,” says Joseph Bokhaut, director of compensation with the RCMP. “If our members are spending a lot of time in the police car and they need to review their life insurance or change their beneficiary, they need to [be able to] access their documents on a cellphone or other mobile device as opposed to having to print out paper forms to mail or fax them in.”

The RCMP’s plan members can now access a single digital portal that hosts all benefits environments and features a digital enrolment process, entitlement and beneficiary information and updates, automated personalized member communication, a bilingual contact centre for plan members and secure data file feeds between a human resources information system, payroll and carrier systems.

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