Reformulary Group to develop cannabis formulary

The Reformulary Group Inc. has formed a cannabis formulary committee that will review evidence for medical marijuana and provide expert opinions and criteria for its use, including lines of therapy, specific strains, grams per indication, mode of consumption and quantity limits.

The committee is also aiming to create a registry to capture patient-reported data, which will then help to build a cannabis formulary.  

“For Canadian employers that choose to cover medical cannabis, our cannabis formulary — called Cannabis Standard — will be an essential product to access the best available evidence and expert advice,” said Helen Stevenson, founder and chief executive officer of the Reformulary Group, in a press release.

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“By subscribing, an employer can be confident that their employees are following expert criteria on how and what to consume when it comes to medical cannabis and specific indications.”

By establishing and continuing to develop partnerships with licensed producers, the formulary will be available for subscribed employers and plan members to receive preferred prices and access to customer care programs, according to the press release.

The committee includes experts in medical marijuana or evidence-based reviews: Dr. Danial Schecter, a family physician and founder of Canabo Medical Corp.; Dr. Paul Daeninck, a medical oncologist and palliative medicine consultant for CancerCare Manitoba and president of the board of the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids; Dr. Paul Oh, medical director of the cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention program at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute; and Mike Boivin, a clinical pharmacist and founder of CommPharm Consulting with expertise in medical cannabis.

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