Despite women accounting for a greater proportion of senior private equity professionals at institutional investors than at private equity firms, women are still underrepresented in the industry.

A Preqin report finds that women account for 22% of senior private equity investment professionals at institutional investors, a notably higher proportion than at private equity firms, where women account for just 11% of senior roles.

On a geographical basis, North America-based institutional investors employ the highest proportion of women in senior private equity positions at 25.9%, compared with just 11% for private equity firms based in North America.

At institutional investors based in the Asia-Pacific region, women account for 17.4% of senior private equity investment staff; in Europe, women account for 16.8%. This compares with 11.8% for private equity firms based in Asia-Pacific and 9.7% for firms based in Europe.

In terms of firm size, in investment teams at institutional investors with one or two senior professionals managing their private equity investments, 21.9% of senior professionals are women. Investors with three or four senior private equity professionals have the largest proportion of female senior staff at 22.7%.

In contrast, at private equity firms with between one and five senior employees, just 8.4% are women, whereas at firms with more than 20 senior employees, 11.9% of these employees are women.

The representation of women also varies by the type of firm.

Women are currently least underrepresented in senior private equity roles at foundations at 37.3%, followed by endowment plans at 32.3%.

At government agencies, 26.9% of senior private equity roles are occupied by women, while women represent 22.5% of senior private equity roles at public pension funds.

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I do not understand the purpose of this article. Do woman make any positive impact on private equity? Do private equity funds with woman in senior roles perform better than others? Do woman make better investments? Have a positve impact on the operational performance of portfolio firms? Is there any empirical evidence/research on any of those questions? No? So why does it matter if woman are or are not in senior roles? That, to me as investor, is as relevant as the colour of the socks of private equity managers. Its irrelevant.

Monday, May 19 at 2:49 am | Reply

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